I hope you are all safe and well. Who’s looking forward to the getting back to it??? I think i can speak for us all in saying this. Well overdue normality (well the new normal) is in sight and there is light at the end of the hair tunnel! If only I had a £ for every person thats messaged me to say WHEN can you get me in for brows… well …. for you brow fanatics i have news!!!

Move over, microblading… Because Brow Lamination is HERE!

It’s the hot new treatment that’s everyone wants to try: brow lamination are the two words on every brow enthusiast’s lips. The results speak for themselves, delivering fuller-looking brows without the need for your best eyebrow make-up products. When you look at the before and after pictures, it’s hard to believe both shots are the same person’s natural brows.

Brow lamination involves straightening and lifting the hairs using a chemical solution, which allows the hairs to have more flexibility to move them into your desired shape, therefore covering any gaps or stray areas. After your natural brow hairs are straightened, a fixing solution is applied to keep the hairs straight, as well as a tint if desired. The result is fuller-looking brows that stay in place when brushed into shape, lasting around six weeks.

What’s the difference between brow lamination and microblading?

While microblading involves your therapist using semi-permanent semi abrasive dye strokes to fill in your brows, brow lamination straightens and lifts your natural hairs to achieve a full and feathered look, with no tattooing involved. No pain, no scars, just perfect looking brows. Every one can have this subject to patch test. It’s gentle, its safe and its more likely to be safer after having had covid.

Having floated this idea with a couple of brows i’ve been eyeing up recently and the brow owners appear a little apprehensive as ..…. brow lamination can make you some hella some brows! However …. have no fear. Don’t let it put you off! The first step of brow lamination is bonder. So you bond the hair in to the shape you like. you can then view them and have them as fluffy looking or natural as you like. It’s a completely bespoke treatment which can be previewed on your own brows before anything semi permanent is done.

Check out our facebook and instagram for some brow lamination before and afters. If you’re considering microblading but aren’t sure if thats for you, then look no further. This treatment is a great alternative. There are many looks that you can achieve from lamination.

A patch test at least 48hrs prior to treatment is required so be sure to book in for that with a full consultation and brow mapping if you are interested.

I can show you exactly how your brows will look shape wise before you take the plunge.


Can wait to see you all.

With love