Many triggers can cause it to become dehydrated such as: • Not drinking enough water • Sun exposure • Stress • Hot showers and baths especially in hard water areas • Ageing, as we age our skin produces less humectants • Air conditioning & central heating • Astringent facial products • Alcohol and smoking cigarettes Anyone can experience dehydrated skin even oily skin types, there’s a lack of water in the stratum corneum, which is the top layer of the skin.

It may appear dull with fine lines accentuated, sometimes rough to the touch and generally tight as though it needs a ‘drink’

✓ Exfoliate 1-2x weekly to buff away dehydrated cells

✓ Avoid astringent products as they may strip the oil and water

✓ Use a hydrating mask to smooth and refresh the skin

✓ Wear a facial oil or serum under your moisturiser to increase skins suppleness and hydration

✓ Spritz the skin during the day with a hydrating mist

✓ Drink plenty of filtered water or freshly squeezed water rich juices

✓ Include nuts & seeds

✓ Avoid as much processed food as possible

✓ Avoid alcohol & cigarettes

✓ Avoid as much sugar as possible

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