Hi! Just popping in for a quick note to shout out the great news that I have added Neals Yard Remedies to my current product portfolio. Now when i can work out how to get this all integrated in to the website somewhere, i will do this! This is my goal (amongst other goals) that i will look to do during this current lock down (I think it’s the third)! So why now have i taken this step ….. and why now…? You may be asking yourselves this very question……!

Well………in all honesty, I was hoping things would be much much further along in the growth plans for Lash And Sundry by now. The current state of the country and the pandemic has well and truly put the dampeners on that and many other businesses are suffering, I wanted to take some safe and sensible growth plans that will continue to help my customers whether I can see them …. or not. I also wanted to be able to use and demonstrate the products in the salon in the future when we can open the doors again. It will happen, we just aren’t quite through the final furlong just yet.

I went looking for a brand that offered wellbeing as part of its core, because along with the illness that surrounds us currently and as we try to get through the pandemic safely and healthily, this brings with it a certain amount of pressure. Pressure on us to stick to the guidelines, dodge the virus and protect our loved ones. Protect our NHS and hope we come out the other side unscathed. Now, i’m not sure about you guys but this has meant my mental health has taken a nose dive. Working in close contact is scary, hell….. going to the local shop is now scary!….. Getting through this has certainly been one of the biggest challenges I have faced in my life time, and i’ve face a few. Mental wellbeing is something that throughout 2020 has grown. We can’t deny we have all been looking for that solace and holistic therapies seems to be soaring as people have the need to help their state of mind to try and cope with the current time.
I thought long and hard about adding any treatments or products to my portfolio at the moment. Opening is very inconsistent and we are sure this latest lockdown is looking like it could be a bit of a stretch. Why would i be thinking about any more speculating and accumulating…… The reason is pure and simple really. Because we need it. You need it and I need it. I understand that more now than ever. My customers need to be able to help themselves and because of the current climate i need to be able to help them even if I cannot be there in person.
Neals Yard Remedies, a professional organic product which is cruelty free fits completely with what i want to have in my life. I feel that I only want to offer genuine and high quality products. When i read the words…. paraben free this just cemented that this is the brand for Lash And Sundry. These have been around for many years, creating aromatherapy remedies to help people help themselves. Has anyone tried meditation since the lockdowns have began? I know I have. It’s honestly something I never thought I would find myself doing, however, needs must right now and it’s helped me cope with severe anxiety at times. You have to do what ever you need to do to be able to cope. Stress is no good for any of us. So lets work together to reduce it.
understand mental health fairly well, being an anxiety sufferer. I hope that this string to my bow will in turn offer you some wonderful remedies in the bay of relaxation bath and body products, a full organic skincare range ready to order directly to you through my online shop. We can help each other get through the next and hopefully final furlong of the covid 19 disaster and hopefully somewhere, somehow….. normality returns to us in some form.
So it’s early days and I will just be starting my training in this 2021 lockdown and learning all about each and every product. I’ll be doing product reviews and hosting online parties…. maybe even lives if i am brave enough!! Some amazing discounts and packages will come with this!
When we return to the salon we will have the full range for some amazing treatments, but for now you can take a look at my shop page, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. If you are interested in a party (online of course) (Zoom to the rescue!) Then drop me a message….. While i find my feet and start the journey with Neals Yard everything is available for you on the link below….. ( you may have to paste that in to your browser ūüėČ
Happy Shopping and Stay Safe <3
With Love LAS XxX